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App Development – Building a Progressive Web App

If you’re just getting started with app development, you may be interested in building a progressive web app. As one of the newer frameworks to hit the market, progressive web apps change the game by putting more power and control in the hands of individuals, rather than the big app distributors.

Progressive web apps present an awesome opportunity to take your business to the next level without breaking the bank or jumping through all the hoops of native apps. They take less time and money to build, and they work on more devices without any of the extra programming work.

A progressive web app (PWA) is just one more way for small businesses to boost their online presence and improve operations. So what is a PWA, and what advantages does it offer to your business? Let’s take a closer look.

Adaptable to Every Device

It was only a few years ago that Responsive Web Design (RWD) was rolled out as a solution for the widespread use of smartphones. Before that, developers had to create distinct programs for every kind of screen—desktop monitors, tablets, smartphones, and any others they wanted to include.

As you can imagine, developing one app for three different platforms can be expensive. By using scalable vector graphics in smaller file formats, RWD broke through the screen barrier so that apps were accessible to more people.

Progressive web design piggybacks on this approach. Programs can now assess browsers to determine how much information and usability to provide. Some app features can be altered to better suit older smartphones and slower internet connection where processing speed might cause problems.

So, along with screen adaptability, apps can now adjust speed and feature complexity to give each user the best experience for their unique device.

Installation without All the Installation

The beauty of the web app is in its ease of use and convenience. Because there’s no app store required for distribution, users only have to access a URL and get started. This may seem like a web-only program, but it isn’t. Users can then download and install a cache on their device that stores information for later.

This is a huge improvement on the traditional web app. Normally, users were totally dependent on a working internet connection. Because that isn’t always possible, native apps were the preferred solution for a long time.

With progressive web apps, your software can reach more users thanks to greater versatility and reliability no matter where they are.